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Dear all, this is a report on our project on the website of TU Braunschweig:

Auf dem Weg zur einer globalen Arzneimittelgeschichte: Westen und Osten treffen sich


Dear all, I have uploaded a revised file of the workshop report. Please write if you have any revisions. I will also upload an image here for public use. There are more images in the dropbox to which all of you have access.

Dear all, I have uploaded the program of our recent workshop in Braunschweig and Wolfenbüttel and also a very short summary, which mentions our discussions about how to proceed further. Two new colleagues from Germany joined us, and a third colleague had to cancel her talk but is very much interested in joining us in the future.
We developed…[Read more]

Hi everybody! I have worked on the sub-website:


Can I upload the corrected file here?
Meanwhile I have created a workspace in dropbox. You can look at my corrections here:
The new folder is called T-G Website Working space.
I do not understand how to change my password and how to upload…[Read more]


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